Yves Saint Laurent Opium Black EDP

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  • 90 ml
  • Eau De Perfume
  • Original (Tester)
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Yves Saint Laurent Opium Black Edp 90 ml perfume, which has a very polite box with the pink part of the brand in the middle of the sparkling black used in the bottle design, has the stimulating effects of the coffee.ย When this effect meets white flowers, femininity emerges and becomes a unique female perfume.ย It is generally addictive and symbolizes the contrast of light and darkness.

When looking at the scent characteristics, the smell of coffee is felt in all notes and at the same time, it is a product decorated with floral fragrances.ย The combination of passionate scent of jasmine flower with coffee is a very innovative fragrance color.ย The perfume, which will enable you to be very energetic while starting the day, is combined with the refreshing scent of the coffee and the attractive smell of the flowers.