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Giorgio Armani’s new women’s fragrance, Sì Passione Eau De Parfum Intense, was created inspired by the vibrations caused by intense passions. Sì Passione Eau De Parfum Intense, the more passionate and intense form of Sì Passione Eau De Parfum, will be indispensable for brave women. Developed around the iconic Sì signature currant nectar, the fragrance takes on an intense shape with floral medium notes of jasmine chords. The fragrance, further enhanced by patchouli extract and vanilla extract, creates a passionate and powerful energy. A tribute to femininity, Sì Passione Eau De Parfum Intense reflects the contrast between floral shine and passion intensity in its fragrance. In the words of Giorgio Armani, “Density does not have to be dark. Density is an endless movement, a constant vibration.